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Flash Cards and Lesson Materials

This page contains flash cards and lesson materials for English lessons.





Most materials are A4-sized (similar to US 8.5″x11″ letter-sized paper), although some are B4-, A3-, or B5-sized.

To make large flashcards for teacher use, print the cards as-is. To make small cards for student use, use the Adobe Reader’s multiple-page setting or the equivalent printer setting to print 8 or 9 pages (cards) per page. For an A4-based, 9-per-page printout, cut at 70mm and 99 mm for nice, evenly-spaced cards.

Preferably, use Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, or Foxit Reader for best results.


Compilation of materials and much of the work was done by staff at TGM Japan. Other work comes from coworkers and websites. Please visit these sites for their original materials:

  • ESL HQ – A site dedicated to ESL materials.
  • MES English – A well-known site by an ESL teacher in Japan.
  • Hapilab – A large Japanese publishing company.
  • Eigo Batake – A Japanese ESL materials site.
  • Gakken – A leading Japanese publishing company.
  • Shingakusha – A leading Japanese educational materials company.
  • MEXT – The Japanese Ministry of Education