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Hi Friends Plus

Hi, Friends Plus is the from the 2015 rollout of Hi, Friends materials from the Ministry of Education. It contains a number of alphabet activities and worksheets and is meant to be supplementary practice for upper grades or an introduction to Hi, Friends for 3rd and 4th graders. It is especially intended to improve the alphabet skills and English ability of elementary school students before they enter junior high school.

Use the DVD as a supplement in classes. The included worksheets are useful and can be used for any grade learning the alphabet.

Hi Friends Plus

Hi Friends Plus Worksheets

Hi Friends Lesson Plans

Lessons Targets and Ideas

Because of the national guidelines, 5th and 6th grades should follow the lesson targets of the Hi, Friends textbooks. However, lesson formats are adaptable and should be changed to fit the level, creativity, and interests of students.

Hi, Friends Information

For information regarding the Hi, Friends series of textbooks, please follow these links:

More detailed samples for lessons can be found at Lesson Samples.