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Sole Proprietorship – Kojin Jigyo

Start a Sole Proprietorship


Especially for KK and GG corporations

  • Get a Hanko
  • Write a business profile
  • Find an accountant to handle paperwork
  • Find a public notary (gyosei-shoshi) to register the company for you
  • Open a corporate bank account
  • Register an address with the post office

Read relevant material

  • National Tax Agency guidelines for notification of starting a business

File with a local tax office

Register as a Kojin Jigyo (個人事業).
File a Notification of Commencement of Business form (kojin jigyo no kaihaigyo todokedesho, 個人事業の開廃業等届出書).
File at a local tax office
with the  ( “”)
Submit to  local tax office (see the “「所在地及び管轄」” (shozaichi oyobi kankatsu–[tax office] locations and jurisdictions listed here

館林     〒374-8686
館林市仲町11番12号     0276-72-4373
自動音声でご案内します     太田市 館林市 邑楽郡     0241

Pay taxes using the 青色申告 aoiroshinkoku blue form

:  income tax (shotoku-zei), sole proprietor tax (kojin jigyo-zei) and residential tax (jumin-zei)
Need to keep good records (single-account bookkeeping gets 100,000 deduction, double-account bookkeeping gets 650,000 deduction)

Consider hiring a and an accountant for paperwork
Public Notary

Tokyo Business Center