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Package Redelivery and Delivery

This page details most, if not all, of the delivery companies in Japan, including both Japanese and English names. If you have a package, you can click on the links here to track them or call the companies for redelivery.

You can also use this page to see the 2016 rates for local package delivery.

Package Redelivery

Japan Post – Use the online form linked here, which is written in both Japanese and English. Even for Japanese speakers, the form may be easier than using the telephone system. Use the QR code on the back of the redelivery form for the mobile site.

(Kuroneko) Yamato Takkyubin – Call the driver with the number listed on the redelivery slip, or use the online form linked here. The form is not in English, but the Japanese should be simple enough to find and input. For an English version, look at the English site here.

Sagawa Otodoke – Use the online form linked here. Or call the driver with the number listed on the redelivery slip and ask for saihaitatsu (再 配達 – redelivery), or use the automated telephone system, which may cost 10-20円 per 30 seconds. The link here provides instructions for the phone system.

FedEx – Call the hotline at either 0120-003200 or 043-298-1919 and press either 1 for Japanese or 2 for English, then 0 for customer service. Instructions in English and Japanese are also provided on the redelivery slip.

Domestic Package Delivery Rates

Below is a simple table of basic rates in JPY.

Max Size (L+W+H cm) Max Weight (kg) Kuroneko Japan Post Yuu-Pack Sagawa
60 2 756 690 756
80 5 972 900 1,026
100 10 1,188 1,130 1,296
120 15 1,404 1,560 1,566
140 20 1,620 1,780 1,566
160 25 1,836 2,070 1,836

Please note:

  • There are extra fees for refrigeration, time-specified delivery, or out-of-prefecture and international delivery.
  • Generally, the post office’s EMS or Yuu-Pack is the best for international delivery.
  • Yuu-Mail can be used for small packages less than 3 kg and is much cheaper than Yuu-Pack delivery.


  • JP – 1
  • Kuroneko – 1, 2
  • Sagawa – 1