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Taxes on Cars

The Jidosha Zei is a yearly tax on car ownership. The following are excerpts from the Ota International Association (2012-2013) about this tax.

Automobile Tax (Jidosha Zei)

Who is responsible for paying?

Automobile tax

  • Automobile tax is imposed on an individual who owns a vehicle (total emission quantity of 660 cc) as of April 1st every year.
  • The tax is levied based on a vehicle’s carrying capacity and total emission quantity for a year.
  • The tax notice is delivered to a taxpayer in May.
  • Update your vehicle’s registration at the Gunma Branch of Kanto Transportation Bureau (phone: 050-5540-2021) when you sell or scrap your vehicle. Otherwise, the tax notice will be sent to the former owner.

You are still responsible for the automobile tax in the cases below…

  • An individual who sold or gave his/her vehicle to someone before March and has not changed the vehicle’s ownership to the new owner is liable for tax payment.
  • An individual who changed his/ her car registration (within or outside of Gunma) after April 1st.
  • An individual who owns a vehicle with an invalid Automobile Inspection Certificate (Sha-ken車検) but has not cancelled registration of the vehicle.

How much do I pay?

When do I pay it?

The tax notice is sent to all vehicle owners in the beginning of May and must be paid by May 31st(Fri)

Where do I pay it?

You can pay the tax at post offices,Automobile Tax Collection Office, Prefectural Tax Office (Kenzei Jimusho), Prefectural Government Tax Office (Ken Gyosei Kensei Jimusho),convenience stores or ATM machines.Also, you can use internet banking (Pay-easy system) or mobile banking.  If the 31stis on a weekend, the payment will be accepted until the following Monday.

Tax Return of Automobile Tax

An individual who dispose of his/her vehicle after April 1stand has not only paid the vehicle tax for the year, but has also canceled vehicle registration is entitled to a refund corresponding to the amount overpaid from the following month of the date of registration cancellation till the end of the fiscal year.

Light vehicle tax (municipal tax)

  • Light vehicle tax is imposed on an individual who owns a motorized bicycle, a light vehicle (total emission quantity less than 660cc), a small special motor vehicle, or a two-wheeled small motor vehicle as of April 1 every year.
  • The tax is levied based on a vehicle’s carrying capacity and total emission quantity for a year.
  • Your tax notice is delivered basically in April or May, though it differs by municipality.

Please contact the tax department of your municipal office for details.


You are required to show your automobile tax payment certificate when having automobile inspection.

Motor Vehicle Tax – Indispensable for Our Daily Activities!

The Deadline for Payment of the Motor Vehicle Tax is May 31 (Thursday)

This tax helps maintain our basic day-to-day services, such as social services, health, public facilities, etc. Without the payment of this tax, these services are jeopardized, for instance leaving roads in a dangerous state with holes unpaved. All taxpayers who own a car are urged to pay the motor vehicle tax promptly for the safe upkeep of our living environment.

The Motor Vehicle Tax is among the most common taxes. This is collected annually from any person who is registered as the owner of a vehicle on the base date of April 1 of the current year. If not paid, the person cannot have her or his vehicle go through the mandatory automobile safety inspection “shaken.” This tax is returned to the taxpayer in the form of a refund for any months left over in the event the taxpayer disposes (gets rid) of a car.

The tax notice for the Motor Vehicle Tax will be mailed to taxpayers this year on May 1. Payment is due by May 31. It can be paid at banks and post offices, convenience stores, and the Prefectural Tax Office “Kenzei Jimusho.

Various General Amounts of Motor Vehicle Tax

The amount levied as Motor Vehicle Tax depends on the purpose, engine displacement, etc., of the vehicle. Check beforehand what the corresponding tax amount is for your car.

In case of cars that are gasoline engine cars registered as new on or prior to March 31, 1999, an approximately 10% higher motor vehicle tax is levied (Higher-rate Motor Vehicle Tax”).

Table of Motor Vehicle Tax Amounts

Passenger Vehicle

Engine displacement \ Regular Motor Vehicle Tax \ Higher-rate Motor Vehicle Tax

1,000cc or less      \ 29,500 \ 32,400

1,001cc~1,500cc \ 34,500 \ 37,900

1,501cc~2,000cc \ 39,500 \ 43,400

2,001cc~2,500cc \ 45,000 \ 49,500

2,501cc~3,000cc \ 51,000 \ 56,100

Reduction of or Exemption from Motor Vehicle Tax

Persons with physical disability or severe psychological disablitity for whom it is recognized that the car is an important means of transportation can in certain cases apply for reduction of or exemption from Motor Vehicle Tax that they would have to pay. Such persons can consult the closest Prefectural Tax Office “Kenzei Jimusho” or the Motor Vehicle Tax Office “Jidoushazei Jimusho.

In case of the following…

“I haven’t received my tax notice for the Motor Vehicle Tax…”:

① There was a change of ownership of vehicle on or prior to March 31, 2012

⇒ The tax notice is sent to the person registered on the data base as the owner of the vehicle on April 1, 2012

② You moved to a different address ⇒ Please notify the Prefectural Tax Office “Kenzei Jjimusho” or the Motor

Vehicle Tax Office “Jidoushazei Jimusho” to have the tax notice sent to your new address.

“I don’t have sufficient funds to pay the total amount of the tax at once”:

⇒ The Prefectural Tax Office “Kenzei Jimusho” will accept payment of the tax in installments in case it is not possible for you to pay the whole Motor Vehicle Tax at once, especially if you own several cars. Please consult with the office above for making the necessary arrangements.

“I have the money but I don’t feel like paying this tax”:

⇒ Persons who have overdue tax will be sent collection letters and letters of demand urging payment as soon as possible. Such persons who still do not pay will face having their property seized. This is done to maintain fairness with taxpayers who comply with paying this tax.

“What I should be careful of when selling or buying a car”:

⇒ To have your car go through mandantory automobile safety inspection “shaken, ” the taxpayer needs to obtain a tax payment certificate “Nouzei Shoumei.” When transferring the car to another person, you need to hand this tax payment certificate along with the car. Also, when another person transfers a car to the taxpayer, the taxpayer should make sure to receive the tax payment certificate from this person.

Where to contact concerning the Motor Vehicle Tax:

The Prefectural Tax Office “Kenzei Jimusho” for the Tomo region:

  • Tobu Kenzei Jimusho Ota-Shi Nishihon-Cho 60-27 0276 (31) 3261
  • Kiryu Gyosei Kenzei Jimusho Kenzei-Ka Kiryu-Shi Aioi-Cho 2-331 0277 (53) 2113
  • Tatebayashi Gyosei Kenzei Jimusho Kenzei-Ka Tatebayashi-Shi Naka-Machi 11-10 0276 (72) 4461
  • Isesaki Gyosei Kenzei Jimusho Kenzei-Ka Isesaki-Shi Imaizumi-Cho 1-22-1 0270 (24) 4350

The Motor Vehicle Tax Office “Jidoshazei Jimusho”:

  • Jidoshazei Jimusho Maebashi-Shi Kamiizumi-Machi 397-5 027 (263) 4343