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Visas for Travel

This section contains information relevant for travel to other countries. While Japanese nationals can visit almost any other country visa-free, citizens of other countries may not be able to do so.

Travel to the USA

All visitors to the US must apply for a visa or some sort of travel document, especially those from countries that do not have travel agreements with the US.

Visiting the official embassy where visa interviews will be held is probably the best way to start, although this site may help somewhat.

Note that while it is technically possible to travel to the US as a tourist under a permanent resident/marriage visa, the logistics of it are not recommended by the government. However, the chances of obtaining a tourist visa while under application for a PR visa is slim.

Processing Time

  • Application to interview (28 days)
  • Interview to visa (7-14 days)

Total: 1-2 months.

Travel to Canada

Visitors to Canada not covered under travel agreements with Canada, which includes most western countries, must file for a visa. Check to see if a visa is necessary here.

For those that need a visa, please visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website and access the following areas: application, overview, requirements, and more. Also check out other websites for more information.

Canadian visas are pretty easy to get, with most not requiring an interview. However, Canadian visas are delivered through a special courier company, so the total fees can be quite expensive.

Note that US permanent residents do not need a visa if they bring along their resident documents.

Processing Time

  • Application to visa (12-30 days)

Total: 1 month.

Travel to China

Most visitors to China will need to apply for a visa. One or multiple visit visas are available, but generally are limited to one year.

Please visit these official and unofficial for more information about Chinese visas.

Also, please take a look at these websites if you are a Japanese citizen, a US citizen, or simply want to learn more.

Processing Time

  • Application to visa

Total: 1 month.