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Japanese Resume

About the Rirekisho

The Japanese rirekisho (履歴書) is the equivalent to the US resume or the European CV (Curriculum Vitae). It is highly recommended that those looking for a non-English-teaching job in Japan create a rirekisho.

Download the resume attached to this page, provided by Access Japan and edited for your benefit, and use the MadTokyo and Franchir Japan links to help you fill in the appropriate Japanese.

About Salary Requirements

For the section regarding salary (or the Japanese listed here: 本人希望記入欄(特に給料・職種・勤務時間・勤務地・その他についての希望などがあれば記入), use a variation of the following:


Be sure to change the amount from 3,500,000円 per year to an amount appropriate for your skills. Be aware that yearly amounts usually include bonuses worth two months’ salary, so your monthly salary would be X amount divided by 16:

Salary = Monthly X 12 + Monthly X 2 (Summer Bonus)  + Monthly X 2 (Winter Bonus)

About Chronological Order

Use the Japan Guide calculator here to determine the exact showa or heisei dates for your chronological list of previous jobs. Start with schooling, or gakureki (学歴), probably starting from high school, and then list jobs, or shokureki (職歴). Always move from earliest to latest (reverse order for US resumes) and finish with ijou (以上).


Completion Guides

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