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Hi, Friends 1 and the 5th Grade

Because of the national guidelines, 5th and 6th grades should follow the lesson targets of the Hi, Friends textbooks. However, lesson formats are adaptable and should be changed to fit the level, creativity, and interests of students.




Hi, Friends Textbooks

For information regarding the Hi, Friends series of textbooks, please follow these links:

Files for Hi, Friends are also attached below.

More detailed samples for lessons can be found at Lesson Samples.

Information about the Hi, Friends extension, Hi, Friends Plus, can be found here.


Lesson Ideas

Lesson 1: Introductions and Greetings: Hello!

Introduce the countries of the world and use the Greetings of Other Countries cards to have them practice and learn about other cultures. Then, have them make their own name cards and do a Name Card Exchange activity.

Lesson 2: Feelings: I’m happy.

Introduce gestures of other countries and do a Gesture Game, and finish with the feelings interview.

Lesson 3: Numbers: How many?

Many classrooms have TVs or projectors these days, so load an SD card with a bunch of Counting Things pictures and have students guess how many objects there are, then check. Using the textbook, have them do a similar thing with page 12.

Lesson 4: Food, Animals, and Sports: I like apples.

After running through some activities, teach students “What do you like?” and do a free interview.

Lesson 5: Colors and Shapes: What do you like?

The original T-shirt idea is pretty good, but also introduce “What do you want?” and make original parfaits, pizzas, cakes, and sandwiches, found in the food section.

Lesson 6: Alphabet: What do you want?

Have students do connect-the-dots worksheets, big/small letter pair searches, and finish the activity by having students do a Find the Letters of Your Name Janken activity. Students cut out the letters from their books and try to gather their letters from other students.

If it’s about time for Halloween, review shapes as well and have them make original pumpkins.

Lesson 7: Stationery: What’s this?

The Quiz Tournament is a popular option. Have children create their own Black Box, 3-Hint, Part, Silhouette, Puzzle, or Kanji quizzes to give to the other students. See here for quiz tournament information.

Lesson 8: Days and Subjects: I study Japanese.

The original schedule activity can be pretty dry, but also quiz students on what day it is (based on subjects) with a Criss-Cross (Yoko-Tate) game.

Lesson 9: Food: What would you like?

Have the students create original lunch menus, or even host their own original restaurant!

Other Materials